Blantyre Oscars Winners 2019

Summary, Winners & Thank you As our Blantyre Oscars 2019 weekend comes to a close, this is our last post about our main event for some time. But it's an important one...the results and 'thank yous'! Many people nurse a monumental hangover today (us included). We're proud and honoured to summarise last night’s winners. THE … Continue reading Blantyre Oscars Winners 2019

Oscars Tomorrow Night!

T’was the night before Blantyre Oscars. After several months of organisation, everything is set and ready for our amazing, popular charity event tomorrow evening, Saturday 27th April 2019 at Blantyre Carrigans. From 7pm, 170 lucky guests will enjoy an incredible awards celebration, red carpet night with plenty of music, drink and food thrown in! Raffle … Continue reading Oscars Tomorrow Night!