Blantyre Oscars 2017 – Winners

As Blantyre Oscars weekend comes to a close and many people nurse a monumental hangover today (myself included), I’m proud and honoured to announce last night’s winners.


Over 6,500 people took part in our online voting in the very first Blantyre Oscars event and here are YOUR 2017 winners, entirely chosen by YOU!

Category: Music & Entertainment
Sponsored by: Redburn Farm
Nominees: Rosco McLelland, Emma Grace Conway, Mya McDade

Category: Youth Organisations
Sponsored by: Blantyre Project
Nominees: Terminal One, Hyper Cyber, Blantyre Soccer Academy

Category: Environmental Pride
Sponsored by: Family Shopper
Nominees: John Dunsmore, Blantyre Community Woodland, Friends of the Calder

Category: Inspirational Individuals
Sponsored by: Merchant Services Broker
Nominees: Ciarha McKay, John Paul Doyle, Mason Bruce

Category: Heroism & Kindness
Sponsored by: Paula Veverka Photography
Nominees: Gail Gillon, Dougie Stevenson, James Alexander

Well done to all our fantastic winners, which was throughly deserved. A HUGE well done to all the 10 runners up, who each collected a certificate and medal.


Thank you to all the individuals and businesses who donated a raffle prize. We had an astonishing raffle, notably with 4 smartwarches won, a £350 holiday won by the Hutton Family and a new Apple Ipad, won by a young lady from Terminal One!


It’s with sincere thanks to Carrigans staff for their assistance especially those working behind the scenes to prepare the incredible buffet. We catered for all 170 people at the venue, and even with people having seconds, it was just perfect!


We managed to raise a truly amazing amount of money, to be announced this evening shortly by separate article.


There are SO many people to thank. As well as the above sponsors, I want to say thanks to Candelina Yankee Store, Gavin Watson Printers and Molly’s Mops for sponsoring further tables. A huge thanks to Gavin Watson for making the banners and to Gail Gillon for supplying the beautiful balloons. Thank you Redburn for supplying some props. Carrigans themselves MUST be mentioned for making the venue look so stunning providing candelabra and seat covers for such a professional look. People were simply awestruck coming into the room.

I personally would like to say thanks to Michael McGlynn and Susan Lindner Kelly for taking up positions at the door at the start to guide people to seats. Thank you to the DJ for his services and technical assistance. With thanks also to The Naked Feedback, Councillor Mo Razzaq, Margaret Ferrier MP, and Claire Haughey MSP for presenting some of the awards and raffle prizes, which was somewhat sprung upon some of them! Thanks to Fiona Brown for providing 170 complimentary drinks upon arrival. Thank you immensely to Karen Scott, our amazing photographer whose photos will appear here soon. Finally, a thank you to Arlene Green, Rose Lee and Holly Rouse for going round and selling so many raffle tickets.


The evening was a TREMENDOUS success! Everybody looks to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly, especially the dancing after 10pm! Loads of posts, pictures and videos all over social media. It went without any hitch or hiccup and we truly did have a massive celebration of everything good about Blantyre.

SO…..I’m pleased to announce this evening, following this success, BLANTYRE OSACRS WILL RETURN, now to be an annual event!!
It gives me great pleasure to announce that Blantyre Oscars 2018 will be held on Saturday 24th March 2018 at the same venue. Voting and tickets will commence in February 2018!

I’ve LOADS of professional photographs coming later this week, but for now, here’s some attached I took last night……

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