Look what we raised!

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 22.42.13Record breaking amount

It’s all over folks! What a fantastic evening we all had. Hitch free, everything went as planned and amazingly positive feedback today. Facebook is AWASH with photos and videos about the Oscars. We’ll be posting all our results and ‘thank you’s’ today. Meantime, lets get down to business. How MUCH did Blantyre Oscars 2018 raise?

Fundraising Total

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that £750.00 was raised for SLC which will be used to buy three brand new festive lights for Glasgow Road. Whilst this doesn’t sound a lot of equipment, the expensive lighting will LAST A GENERATION and of course make Blantyre’s main thoroughfare sparkle in Winter that little bit more brightly.

If that’s not enough, people dug VERY deep into their pockets last night with a fantastic raffle. More significantly, a further, whopping, record breaking £1,305.00 was raised on the night, which will entirely be going to the Beatson Clinic in Glasgow! Working nearby in Glasgow this week, we’ll be personally handing the cheque in asap.

Thank you SO much to everybody who sponsored, bought a ticket, donated and took part. Serving TWO charitable causes is just fantastic and these amounts are far more than the £1,200 raised last year, much more than we dared hope for!

Once again, Blantyre has done itself proud

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