Music & Entertainment Category

Music & Entertainment

This week we’re slowly revealing just WHO’S been nominated for this years “Blantyre Oscars 2019”

Today, we officially release details of the next 3 deserving nominees who are nominated in this years “Music & Entertainment” Category. (the 3rd of 5 categories)

In no particular order, nominations are received for Brandon Stein, Tyre Walk n Rollers and Molly Geddes. There’s an exceptional pool of talent in there! We’ll be exploring their efforts soon when we release their fantastic nomination videos.

YOU will SOON be choosing who should win each category! Stay tuned to this page for how and when to do that!

More Category nominees will be announced this week!

Oscars Timetable:

01 March – Public will see the nominees videos and can vote for their winners.
01 March – Tickets also go on sale for nominees families and friends.
03 March – If any tickets left, they go on sale to general public.
29 March – Voting ends
27 April – Oscars Charity Night at Carrigans, Blantyre where all results will be announced!

For more information see

2019 nominees

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