Oscars Tickets Available

For Nominee’s Family and Friends

It’s been a busy day with the private link to buy tickets finally made available to nominees to give out to their friends and family. We released 168 tickets this morning at 11am and as of 3.15pm this afternoon, there’s just 71 left, once again proving how popular this event is.

Lots of excited families and friends snapping up their tickets to support each nominee.

Our fantastic new ticket system means printable e-tickets are being automatically emailed out to guests following their purchase.

If there’s any tickets remaining by Monday, we’ll make the link available to the general public. We expect Blantyre Oscars event to sell out early in the week. Just incredible!

Public voting for each nominee and screening of their nomination videos, exclusively for the first time takes place this Thursday evening, 28th February. Voting will remain open throughout all of March. Winners will be announced at the event.

Blantyre Oscars takes place on Saturday 27th April 2019. More info at www.blantyreoscars.com


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