Voting is now Closed!

That’s it folks! Voting for this year’s Blantyre Oscars 2019 is now closed!

An astonishing 6,716 votes were cast this year and the general public have chosen their 5 winners, 1 nominee from each category. Some results were incredibly close! There’s one nominee video that got way more votes than the rest, which will go forward to win overall!

The results are now a closely guarded secret and strictly not divulged to ANYBODY until Oscars night on Saturday 27th April 2019. Thank you to everybody who took part and voted and good luck to all the nominees for the big reveal in just over 4 weeks time!

We’ll be posting much more about the Oscars before the event, including answering your questions on dress code, table plans and much more.

One thought on “Voting is now Closed!

  1. Sure hope Cath McInally wins, she’s the best! from her cousin Cath Patrick (Devine), Canada


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