Oscars Tomorrow Night!

T’was the night before Blantyre Oscars. After several months of organisation, everything is set and ready for our amazing, popular charity event tomorrow evening, Saturday 27th April 2019 at Blantyre Carrigans.

From 7pm, 170 lucky guests will enjoy an incredible awards celebration, red carpet night with plenty of music, drink and food thrown in!
Raffle prizes set to dazzle with holidays, i-pads, Amazon Alexas and much more to be won! Money raised will be jointly going to Blantyre Summer Gala and to the Beatson Clinic in Glasgow.

An incredible 6,821 votes were cast during March with YOU choosing your favourites, the results being a closely guarded secret. Each and every nominee has made Blantyre very, very proud!

We can’t wait to reveal who has won each category and which nominee has won overall winner for 2019!

Blantyre Telegraph will be extensively covering the glitzy awards LIVE as the announcements and winners are made, with photos and videos tomorrow evening, right HERE on this page. Including, all being well, some nice celeb surprises. Please do expect a flurry of Oscars posts on Saturday evening.

More information can be found at http://www.blantyreoscars.com
Meantime, good luck to all 15 nominees!

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