2018 Winners & Thanks

Summary, Winners & Thank you
As our Blantyre Oscars 2018 weekend comes to a close, this is our last post about our main event for some time. But its an important one…the results and thank yous! Many people nurse a monumental hangover today (us included). We’re proud and honoured to summarise last night’s winners.
7,231 people took part in our online voting in the 2nd ever Blantyre Oscars event and here are YOUR 2018 winners, entirely chosen by YOU!
Category: Music & Entertainment
Sponsored by: Redburn Farm
Nominees: Live at Livvies, Peggy Cairns, David Purse
Category: Local Business
Sponsored by: Family Shopper
Nominees: DGG Transport, Miners Welfare, Blantyre Community Council
Category: Environmental Pride
Sponsored by: Glen Travel
Nominees: Bonnie Blantyre, SGN, Friends of the Calder
Category: Inspirational Individuals
Sponsored by: De Virtute Nunc Ltd
Nominees: Victoria McMahon, Scott Arbuckle, Kevin O Neil
Category: Heroism & Kindness
Sponsored by: Paula Veverka Photography
Nominees: Jo Kelly & Kathy Larkins, Rebecca Blackburn & Julie McCallum, Stephen Reid & Thomas Rodger
Of course the night belonged to DAVID PURSE, who was crowned the OVERALL WINNER 2018 with most votes. Very well done.
Well done to all our fantastic winners, which were throughly deserved. Each collected a beautiful trophy and certificate kindly donated by STRACHAN CRAFT BUTCHERS who were our primary sponsor. Thank you immensely to the Strachan family.
HUGE commiserations to all the 10 runners up, who each collected a certificate and medal.
Thank you to all the individuals and businesses who donated a raffle prize. With thanks to Rab Allan, Carrigans, Glen Travel, Paula Veverka Photography, DGG Transport, Struthan Cottages, Blantyre Project and Morrison Construction. We had an astonishing luxury raffle, notably with 4 smartwarches won, a £359 holiday won by the Margaret Fenlon and our star prize…a new Apple Ipad worth around £500, won by Margaret Lindner!
It’s with sincere thanks to Carrigans staff for their assistance especially those working behind the scenes to prepare the incredible buffet. We catered for everybody attending, and even with people having seconds, it was just perfect!
We managed to raise a truly amazing amount of money! £2,055 in fact!! A record breaking amount absolutely demolishing last years total. £750 will be used for new street lights in Glasgow Road and £1,305 is being given to the Beatson Clinic in Glasgow early this coming week. A remarkable achievement made possible by the generosity of everybody attending! AMAZING!
There are SO many people to thank. Thank you to STRACHAN CRAFT BUTCHERS as overall sponsor. \
Also to REDBURN FARM, FAMILY SHOPPER, GLEN TRAVEL, DE VIRTUTE NUNC, & PAULA VEVERKA PHOTOGRAPHY as table sponsors. A huge thanks to GAIL GILLON for supplying the beautiful balloons.
CARRIGANS themselves MUST be mentioned for making the venue look so stunning providing candelabra and seat covers for such a professional look. People were simply awestruck coming into the room, with gasps of ‘wow!”
Thank you to the CELEBRITIES who recorded amazing short videos bringing showbiz directly to the room. John Challis (Boycie), John Thomson, Simon Gregson (Steve from Corrie), Chris Casgoyne (Peter Barlow from Corrie), Linda Lusardi and Ian Nicholas (from film American Pie).
I personally would like to say thanks to MICHAEL MCGLYNN and SUSAN LINDER KELLY for taking up positions at the door at the start to guide people to seats. Thank you to the DJ for his services and technical assistance. With thanks also to Monica Lennon MSP for presenting the overall award which was somewhat sprung upon her at short notice!
I hope all my own personal guests invited along also enjoyed themselves.
Sincere thanks to FLOWERS TO GO for supplying 5 beautifully perfect bouquets for the winners and to CARPETRIGHT for the red carpet!
Thanks to FIONA BROWN (COORS PROMOTIONS) for providing 170 complimentary drinks upon arrival. Thank you immensely to the very talented KAREN M SCOTT, our amazing photographer whose photos will appear here soon.
Finally, a thank you to ARLENE GREEN, GAIL GILLON, LOUISE PLUMMER AND HOLLY ROUSE for going round and selling so many raffle tickets. You guys were absolute stars!
The evening was a TREMENDOUS success! All 170 people look to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly, especially the dancing after 10pm! Loads of posts, pictures and videos all over social media today. It went without any hitch or hiccup and we truly did have a massive celebration of everything good about Blantyre.
SO…..I’m pleased to announce this evening, following this success, BLANTYRE OSCARS WILL RETURN in 2019!
It gives me great pleasure to announce that Blantyre Oscars 2019 will be held on Saturday 30th March 2019 at the same venue. Voting and tickets will commence in February 2019!
For now though, I’m having a rest and look forward to spending more time with family. VERY WELL DONE BLANTYRE! JUST PERFECT!!

Overall Winner 2018

Overall Winner

IMG_4120A sincere Congratulations to a very worthy overall winner. David Purse takes the accolade of being the overall winner of Blantyre Oscars 2018.

David, who won due to his best selling books, attained the result with the most votes online. Very well done! Your family and friends must be very proud.

Very well done to all the other nominees and category winners.

Look what we raised!

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 22.42.13Record breaking amount

It’s all over folks! What a fantastic evening we all had. Hitch free, everything went as planned and amazingly positive feedback today. Facebook is AWASH with photos and videos about the Oscars. We’ll be posting all our results and ‘thank you’s’ today. Meantime, lets get down to business. How MUCH did Blantyre Oscars 2018 raise?

Fundraising Total

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that £750.00 was raised for SLC which will be used to buy three brand new festive lights for Glasgow Road. Whilst this doesn’t sound a lot of equipment, the expensive lighting will LAST A GENERATION and of course make Blantyre’s main thoroughfare sparkle in Winter that little bit more brightly.

If that’s not enough, people dug VERY deep into their pockets last night with a fantastic raffle. More significantly, a further, whopping, record breaking £1,305.00 was raised on the night, which will entirely be going to the Beatson Clinic in Glasgow! Working nearby in Glasgow this week, we’ll be personally handing the cheque in asap.

Thank you SO much to everybody who sponsored, bought a ticket, donated and took part. Serving TWO charitable causes is just fantastic and these amounts are far more than the £1,200 raised last year, much more than we dared hope for!

Once again, Blantyre has done itself proud

Voting Now Closed

resultsThat’s it folks! Voting for this year’s Blantyre Oscars 2018 is now closed!

An astonishing 7,844 votes were cast during February and the general public have chosen their 5 winners, 1 nominee from each category. Some results were incredibly close.

The results are now a closely guarded secret and strictly not divulged to ANYBODY until Oscars night on Saturday 24th March 2018. Thank you to everybody who took part and voted and good luck to all the nominees for the big reveal in just over 3 weeks time!

We’ll be posting much more about the Oscars before the event, including answering your questions on dress code, table plans and much more.

Award Trophies – have arrived

27788548_344539252696077_8655909122118538956_oThe Oscars Award Trophies have arrived by post! Unpacked very carefully these are the 5 identical awards that the winners of each Category will receive and of course the OVERALL winners award will go to the nomination with the most votes.

These beautiful, heavy, quality trophies have this year been kindly sponsored by ‘Strachan Craft Butchers’ who deserve a special thanks. Each trophy is engraved with the category, date and Blantyre Oscars 2018. Winners will be informed at the Oscars night on Saturday 24th March 2018.

We’re sure you’ll all agree, it’s getting very exciting and the trophies look absolutely fantastic! Question remains though…..just which nominees are going to win them!?!

Framed Certificates for all Nominees

IMG_3743All nominees, whether they win OR not, will be receiving a framed certificate (as pictured).

When voting closes at the end of February 2018, we’ll know which runners up will also get medals. FIVE category winners on the Oscars night will also receive a beautiful bronze Oscar and of course the Overall winner, with the most votes of all, will receive an additional trophy. There are other goodies and surprises planned for the evening, very special ones, which we won’t be divulging until you’re there ….in your seats on March 24th.

Top Table Sponsors Confirmed

We’re proud to confirm the Top Table 5 sponsors this year will be as follows:

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 18.30.15

Redburn Farm , sponsor of MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT Catgeory
Family Shopper, sponsor of LOCAL BUSINESS Category
Glen Travel, sponsor of ENVIRONMENTAL PRIDE Category
De Virtute Nunc Ltd, sponsor of INSPIRATIONAL INDIVIDUALS Category
Paula Veverka Photography, sponsor of HEROISM & KINDNESS Category

Thank you to each of the Top Table sponsors, all local businesses who have themselves 2 tickets each and have of course covered the cost of the nominees and their plus one guest at these top tables.

Sponsorship still available!

Blantyre Oscars still has sponsorship available. As well as looking for another one major sponsor to cover the £120 cost of the trophies and certificates, we’re looking for NINE table sponsors each costing just £12.

If YOU would like your business name at any of the tables, advertising and promoting your business to guests throughout the evening, as well as knowing it’s ALL going to charity, for just £12 you can sponsor a table at the bottom of this page: https://blantyreoscars.com/sponsors/