Congratulations – You are a Sponsor!

Thank you for buying sponsorship of Blantyre Oscars!

Your sponsorship is important and will let the nominees attend without them having to pay tickets prices as well as covering essential costs of the event. Your confirmed sponsorship will be updated on the Blantyre Oscars website within 24 hours.

Important: If you have bought Top Table Sponsorship (£60), Overall Sponsor (£199) or Trophy Sponsorship (£119) then please ensure you have TWO people to represent your business coming along to attend the event on Saturday 27th April 2019 at 7pm. TWO tickets will be reserved for you.  Sponsors are required to attend on the night as some will be called up to present awards to winners.

If you bought Table Sponsorship (£15) or Ribbon Sponsorship (£99), then rest assured the table will be named after your business for all to see throughout the whole evening and of course your sponsorship pays for vital services in running the event smoothly. No free tickets are included in Table sponsorship or Ribbon Sponsorship, but if you would like to attend you can still buy tickets in the normal fashion from this site.

We will attend to the advertising your sponsorship and creating the name placements on the tables. Thanks again. Further Information for sponsors is noted here