2019 Sponsors

“Blantyre Oscars 2019” nominees tables are proudly sponsored by:

A) FIVE Top Tables (Nominees Tables and Main Sponsors £55 donations)
As Major Sponsor, you get exclusive advertising as official sponsor. Your table of 12 people is named and labelled after your business. You get TWO x Adult tickets (itself worth £27) which includes entertainment and buffet! One of your 2 ticket holders gets to open a Golden Envelope to announce a category winner live to the audience, it also covers the cost of award nominees at your table, publicity to your business! You don’t need to do a thing!

>>Major Sponsorship is currently closed.


B) One major sponsor of the actual award trophies & Certificates (£120)
As Awards major sponsor, you get exclusive advertising as sponsor of the event. Each Oscar given out will be credited to your business. Publicity during the event and voting.

>> Donating to provide the actual oscars is currently closed.

C) NINE Top Tables (Guest Tables and Secondary Sponsors £12 donation)

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As table name sponsor, you get exclusive advertising as sponsor of the event. The table is named after your business and labelled so. Publicity during the event and voting. No tickets are in this particular sponsorship, but it ALL goes to charity.

>> Table Sponsorship is currently closed.

  1. Your Business here £12
  2. Your Business here £12
  3. Your Business here £12
  4. Your Business here £12
  5. Your Business here £12
  6. Your Business here £12
  7. Your Business here £12
  8. Your Business here £12
  9. Your Business here £12

All sponsorship monies go 100% towards charitable causes.